User Operational Manual

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How To Assemble

쌍기어를 본체에 장착하는 사진 착즙망 장착하는 사진

Attach the Twin Gears to the main unit.

! Caution: Unplug the power cord before assembling.

Install Extracting Screen over the Twin Gears.

클립링 잠그는 사진 착즙망에 망덮개를 덮은 사진

Lock the clamp


Place the screen cover over the Extracting Screen.

주스컵을 올바르게 위치시킨 사진

Place between juice guide and cup guide by facing plastic juice cup to residue cup.If juice cup and residue cup is unfit, residue can go into juice cup or juice can go into the cup.

How to Disassemble and Clean

주스컵, 찌꺼기컵 이동사진 망덮개 벗기는 사진 클립링 푸는 사진

Remove the juice and the pulp collectors before disassembling.


Once the extraction is completed, remove the screen cover and unlock the clamp with the main power still on.

한손으로 착즙망의 재료 투입구를 잡고 작동(START)버튼을 누르는 사진 착즙망 일부 빠져나온는 사진 착즙망 확대 사진

Use one hand to hold the feeding chute area while pressing the start button.


Extraction screen will move away from the main unit and the motor will automatically come to a stop with a sound of a beep.

! Caution:

Installed sensor on the Extracting Screen is designed to make the motor stop automatically. (Safety feature designed to stop only the Twin Gears from rotating)

착즙망 분리 사진 쌍기어 분리 사진 전원스위치OFF상태에서 전원코드선 빼는 사진

Use both hands to remove the Extracting Screen and the Twin Gears.

! Caution:

Be aware of the Twin Gears' weight so to not accidentally drop.


Turn off the main switch in the back of the Juice Extractor and disconnect the power cord.

세척사진 착즙망을 흐르는 물에 세척하는 사진 세척사진

Use the scraping knife to remove leftover debris on the Extracting Screen.


As shown in the picture, push and pull while rotating the brush left and right under running water for easy cleaning.


Clean the twin gears with the provided or any cleaning brush of your choice under running water.

제품 닦는 사진 마른천으로 물기를 제거한 후 부드러운 천으로 살짝 문질러 주시면 스텐레스 고유의 광택을 오래 유지할 수 있습니다.

Utilizing the Extracting Screen Housing

Standard Extracting Screen: Leafy Green Extract, Seed Extract

Extracting Screen for Soft Fruits: Grape Juice, Orange Juice

일반망사진 과일망사진

Commonly used for extracting leafy greens, it is the used the most frequently. (Possible to extract seeds as well.)

! Caution: Less extraction will result when the standard extracting screen is used for fruits rather than using the Extracting Screen for Soft Fruits.

Bigger pores than on the standard screen, it should be used to extract items with higher moisture content.

Grinding Housing: Minced Garlic, Ground Pepper, Fruit Sorbet

Peanut butter housing

다진마늘, 간고추, 과일샤벳

The hollow bottom design of Grinding Housing makes it very useful in preparing ingredients such as raw garlic and raw pepper, etc. for making Kimchi and other dishes. In addition, Grounding Housing is great in making cool snacks like sorbets for children in summer season with frozen fruits.

When you make the peanut butter, you need peanut butter housing.Instead of sugary jam, try 100% natural peanut butter!

Housing Identification Number


Check your Housing by the identification number.

  • Standard Extracting Housing
  • Extracting Housing for Soft Fruits
  • Grinding Housing

Solutions to Excessive Insertion of Items

Angelia 7500

Angelia 8500S

All model except Angelia 5500
Artificial Intelligence function sensor installs

Application of artificial intelligence ensures smooth transition back to normal operation when overloading of juicing ingredients causes the juicer to come to a stop by automatically reversing with the sound of a beep to clear the debris and forward again to resume normally.

Angelia 5000

버튼 확대사진

Press and alternate between forward and reverse.


Once the vegetable is released from the Twin Gears, press start again.

Angelia 5000

Using Silicone O-Rings

<Silicone O-Rings>

<Extracting Housing>

<Extracting Housing with Silicone O-ring>

Purpose of Silicone O-Rings

Silicone O-Rings when installed on the housing, helps in partial prevention of leakage of juice from high moisture content fruits around the clamp area. Silicone O-Rings can be effectively used even with a tear as long as it stays on the housing.

Silicone O-Rings are sold pre-installed on the following Angelia Models: 7000P, 8000, 8000P, 8000S, 80000ss, 12000 (Except Angelia Models 5000 & 7000)