How To Get Warranty Service

How to get service

If you are experiencing any problems with your Super Angel Living Juice Extractor, we suggest you contact our Customer Support Desk before returning the product for preliminary servicing. Often, our Customer Support Representatives can help solve the problem without having the product serviced. If servicing is needed, a representative can provide you with a service authorization number and instruct you on how to get your product serviced.

Step 1: Contact the Customer Support Desk at 213-908-3392 or email us at

Step 2: Explain the problem you are experiencing. If servicing is needed, the representative will provide you with a service authorization number and further directions.

Step 3: The representative will inform you as to which parts you need to return for service. When you send your juicer to our service center, securely pack the unit by using the packing material inside the box. We are not responsible for loss of or damages to your juicer during transit.

Step 4: Briefly describe the problem you are experiencing on the sheet with the following information to facilitate the speed and accuracy of your service request:

  • Your full name, address, phone number filed on your registration card.
  • CSR I.D. number
  • Date of purchase(month & year) and the name of the store from which you purchased.
  • List of the parts you are returning
  • Problem(s) you are experiencing
Step 5: Enclose the above information sheet with your return package.

Step 6: Securely seal the package.

Step 7: Prepare and affix the shipping labels on the outside of the shipping box. Be sure to include your return address.

Step 8: We recommend that you insure the package against possible damages or loss in transit. Please ask your post office for more information.

Step 9: Ship the product prepaid; shipping costs are not refundable.